E–Health Solution


What is E–Health?

E–Health is a recent healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication, dating back to at least 1999.

The core part of E–Health are the E–Health applications. E–Health Applications are the software and services that manage, transmit, store or record information used in the delivery of healthcare treatment,

payment or record keeping. Typically eHealth applications use the Internet to transmit and store patient data either for a provider or payer.

E–Health include various applications of healthcare like internet resources, electronic patient information, data analysis tools, communication between health professionals as well as communication to patients, electronic health devices and administrative data.

CEBS E-Health Solution

CEBS E–Health Solution

CEBS is committed to provide the best of eHealth Solution and improving the health of millions. CEBS is focused on developing eHealth Solution where patients receive proactive and personalized care using smart, web-based, mobile health IT solutions.

Patients facing healthcare issues need to be able to count on well-organized and coordinated care. Every medical professional participating in the care process needs direct access to all relevant patient medical information, no matter when or where this information was collected or generated. Patients need access to that same information in order to take ownership of their health, as far as they are willing and able to.

The Vision of CEBS eHealth Solution can be described as follows:

  • Improving the health of millions
  • Being recognized as a thought leader in eHealth
  • Enabling seamless collaboration between health professionals and patients
  • Building a global network of partners

Benefits of CEBS E-Health Solution


Increase in Efficiency


Enhancing Quality


Empowering both the consumers and patients.


Cost Saving


Access to Physicians remotely


Improved decision making


and many more…

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