Customer Experience Management

The technology that our company leverages as a solution to Customer Experience Management is

IBM Tealeaf, a leading solution provider of digital Customer Experience Management and Customer Behavior Analysis solutions. It's customer experience management solutions provide critical and necessary visibility and checks on customer's activities over a site, an insight and even answers to the companies to help meet the online conversion, customer acquisition and customer retention objectives.

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management supports and enables the organizations to deliver a leading-edge customer experience for their channels by providing deep vision into the interactions of the individual customers. Not only it provides awareness of trends in struggles of the customers but also enables the discovery of the sources of friction in individual experiences and thus the quantified business impact. The Customer Experience Management solutions using IBM Tealeaf enables the companies to answer the most compelling and innovative, yet difficult questions that plague marketing, web development, e-commerce and customer service departments.

CEBS - CEM leveraging IBM Tealeaf CX powered by IBM is an industry-leading robust datastore of online customer information. Using groundbreaking patented technology, IBM Tealeaf CX captures and manages each visitor interaction on your website. Across the organization, from e-business and production support to customer service and compliance, IBM Tealeaf CX is a distinct solution that delivers breakthrough visibility into your customers' online experiences.

CEBS - Customer Experience Management

IBM Tealeaf - CX Mobile

Tealeaf Customer Experience Management

Consumers now have the ability to conduct transactions anywhere, anytime with the rapid adoption of mobile and tablet devices. To succeed in this new business channel, you must deliver mobile services and features that your customers will have easy access to and use productively. Most E-businesses today have a limited understanding of how their customers are engaging with them on mobile channels. Given the magnitude of mobile variables-including the abundance of devices and browsers-the risk of customers encountering obstacles is inherently greater. Some of these issues are technical but many of the things that cause customers to struggle are related to business process and usability, making them harder to detect, diagnose and resolve effectively.

IBM Tealeaf Highlights

  • Real-time event engine utilizes complex pattern analysis to track and score customer behavior in real-time.
  • Segmentation analysis made simple via the automatic population of session dimensions.
  • Intelligent data management and flexible archiving of customer experience data.
  • Data security and privacy through global data destruction, authenticated client access and role-based filtering.

IBM Tealeaf Business Features

  • Gain immediate visibility into customer struggle and technical issues, and their business impact.
  • Rapidly identify and resolve hidden or hard to find issues.
  • Increase customer service effectiveness by providing call center agents with instant access to online customer sessions.
  • Maintain a record of online customer interactions to quickly and accurately resolve customer disputes.


Make the right mobile investment decisions-fix, invest or remove features and services.

Accelerate the time-to-market for delivering winning mobile services.

Raise conversion/acquisition rates and revenues by detecting obstacles and issues that cause users to struggle.

IBM Tealeaf CX Mobile enables you to capture, replay and understand the experiences of customers accessing your web properties via mobile devices. The module is sold separately from IBM Tealeaf CX.

Tealeaf basic diagram


Mobile web, hybrid app and native app support for iOS and Android. When integrated with the desktop website, lets companies optimize their online channel for all key users no matter how they contact them.

Complete mobile visibility by capturing user information across mobile websites, including both network and client-side interactions.

Early warning system to detect mobile user struggle and provide proactive awareness into mobile application failures, usability issues or other obstacles that lead to failed transactions, abandonment and negative feedback.

Enhanced mobile web session replay to understand 'why' by viewing what customers saw on their mobile devices and the specific actions they took-including device rotation, scroll, swipe and other touch-screen actions.

Real-time drag-and-drop analysis to quantify revenue impact and segmentation by specific mobile user behaviors or device attributes.

Powerful ad-hoc discovery and segmentation to quickly find and isolate problems across mobile customer sessions-for both individual customers and aggregates-without pre-defining tags or beacons.


Tealeaf Feature Highlights