Tree Asset Management

Tree Asset Management

What is Tree Asset Management?

Trees and vegetation are normally happening ecological resources whose qualities and interactions with assembled resources (e.g., electrical cables, buildings, and pavements) are always changing. The development, condition, and failures of ecological resources are influenced by numerous components that are hard to anticipate or control. For these and a few different reasons, the prerequisites, techniques, and best practices for overseeing natural resources are on a very basic level not quite the same as those for overseeing "manufactured" resources.

In spite of these differences the current tree asset management tool use the technologies which have been specifically designed to cater the needs of managing the “built” assets.

To eliminate this problem CEBS has come up with a newly conceived, designed and implemented world class software for Tree Asset Management.

CEBS Tree Asset Management System

CEBS Tree Asset Management System is a new class of programming imagined, planned, and executed "starting from the earliest stage" to oversee natural resources and offer clients new answers for their vegetation administration needs.

CEBS TAM developed as a software platform containing a suite of apparatuses equipped for tending to an extensive variety of vegetation management needs. Secluded and adaptable, the software can be effectively arranged to give every client a completely redid arrangement that addresses their current needs.

Major Uses of CEBS Tree Asset Management


Content Management

Centralized Knowledge Base


Integrate Data & Business Processes

User Friendly

Reduce costs


and many more…

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