100+ successful solutions by industry

Experience, expertise with dedication has culminated in CEBS delivering successful projects and satisfied customers. With a growing team and more projects in the pipeline, this number may know no bounds.

CEBS's foray into various domains and technologies has enabled us to take multiple projects across the globe that are meant to provide solutions to a wide range of customers.

Staying in the current and our capability to build applications both on open source as well as high-end licensed frameworks has helped us cater to customers with varying budgets, requirements and approaches.

Everything comes down to effective planning which allows us to set the right expectations in terms of cost, quality and time to the customer and our dedicated and diligent team will make sure we meet them.

With all these capabilities and qualities put together, we have been able to deliver many projects with a high success ratio and our happy customers will request our assistance to continue the association through maintenance and support requirements.