About CEBS

CEBS is a growing global IT company dedicated to develop e-business tools, applications, and custom solutions using proven tools & technologies from vendors like IBM, Microsoft, HP, Oracle and many more.

CEBS started over a decade ago after experienced Software Architects, Business Analysts and IT Consultants joined hands to form a company with a difference. Since then the organization has endured many challenging projects & achieved tremendous success. We offer services in the area of software product engineering, enterprise mobility solutions, enterprise content management solutions and customer relationship management solutions.

Our goal is to always deliver high quality, strategic & innovative business solutions. We focus on providing the best solutions versus forcing a particular technology or brand.

CEBS has a global presence across various continents, with offices now in Australia, Asia, UAE and US.

CEBS has been a trusted partner for many companies across the globe, since its inception. We provide effective and flexible software solutions that meet the demands of startups to fortune 500 companies.

Our prospective clients ask us, "What makes us different?"
We tell them the only thing that makes us different is our "POSITIVE ATTITUDE".