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CEBS is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company in the area of Software Design & Development, Enterprise Solutions, E-Business, Web Design and Development and Technology Consulting.
Our professionals have taken training and certifications from industry leaders on various technologies. Strong domain expertise, combined with more than a decade of software development experience of our team members, has enabled CEBS to become a strategic development partner for our clients.
Electronic business methods enable companies to link their internal and external data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly, to work more closely with suppliers and partners...
Content Management System
Allows a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data,Control access to data, based on user roles Aid in easy storage and retrieval of data...
Web Development
Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses...
Mobile Computing
Allows a user to use a computing device even while being mobile.The advantages of mobile computing are tremendous and manifold.
CEBS is a growing global IT company dedicated to develop ebusiness tools, applications, and custom solutions using proven tools & technologies from vendors like IBM, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Sun and many more.
CEBS started in 2003 after experienced Software Architects, Business Analysts and IT Consultants joined hands to form a company with a difference. Since then the organization has endured many challenging projects & achieved tremendous success. Our goal is always to deliver high quality, strategic & innovative business solutions. We focus on providing the best solution versus forcing a particular technology or brand.
CEBS started with one office in USA. But with enterprising expansion, we reached out to various continents, with now offices in Australia, Asia and US.

We have extensive experience in the area of Software Development, Consulting, and Training.
Our professionals have taken training and certifications from industry leaders on various technologies. Strong domain expertise, combined with more than a decade of software development experience of our team members, has enabled CEBS to become a strategic development partner for our clients.

We focus on steps beyond the conventional practices, Companies invest a lot of their capital in buying sophisticated products but only a matter expert can take you through the features and details of those products.
We focus on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives By way of IT consulting, our consultants have added value to the businesses across the globe in various industries such as but not limited to Retail, Manufacturing, Banking and finance, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Telecommunications and the State. We not only work with your IT team but also your business team and key stakeholders.

CEBS & IBM - We collaborate so you can benefit! CEBS - Customer Experience Management

Visit our IBM Software Solutions CEBS works closely with IBM in providing IT solutions to its customers in the area of Cross-Channel eCommerce solution, Distributed Order Management solution, Supplier Integration and Management solution, Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Social Analytics, Supply Chain Optimization, Logistics Management/Reverse Logistics, Brand Experience and much more.

Visit our Customer Experienece Management CEBS Customer Experience Management Solutions support and enables the organizations to deliver a leading-edge customer experience for their channels. The Customer Experience Management's solutions using tealeaf enables the companies to answer the most compelling and innovative, yet difficult questions that plague marketing, web development, e-commerce and customer service departments.

      CEBS is composed of truly exceptional individuals, capable of outperforming any company out there. They displayed the highest level of
    engagement, dedication, professionalism and crystal communication whereas the complex and challenging work was overshadowed by these qualities. I would recommend them (and have already done so) to all my trusted entrepreneurs, investors and contacts for future software/online application developments, designs, SEO, SEM, code architectural planning, and any related work.

    In this regard, I am glad I have followed my gut feeling as it truly did pay off. All future contracts, by < hidden > or me, will be rewarded to this company.
    Kamal, Owner - NGO Firm, Lebanon

      CEBS demonstrated incredible management, professional and technical skills on this project. Before CEBS I had been through 3 other
    developers who just could not pull this project off. CEBS was very practical and understood that for a US -India relationship to work, they had to be flexible. They indeed were very flexible and hence were able to complete this successfully. 
    Kweku, Owner - US Entertainment Company

      They were very professional in handling my project and delivering the results in a timely manner. Definitely look forward to working with them again. 
    Lorenzo, Owner - US Retail Company

      It was  tough upgrade requiring a horrendous amount of hours meaning little sleep for the team, but they did what had to and never complained. 
    They are a great team!!!!
    Connie, - Senior Manager Manufacturing firm Massachusetts, USA
        I just want to say that I really enjoy the way we are collaborating and the great effort that you guys put in there. 
    Alex, CTO E-Business Tilburg, Netherlands
        CEBS is very good. I will use them over and over again if I can. We are already looking into possibilities of another project. Though not a WCS project. 
    Kunle, Founder and Co-partner - US Consultancy Firm

  1. CEBS Conferred 'Smarter Commerce' Enabled Business Partner Recognition by IBM
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  • The Good Guys | Retail - WebSphere Commerce and Sterling Order Management System
  • ETP | Social Networking - Features enhancement using .NET, Google Maps Integration and more.
  • Tight integration of WebSphere Commerce with SAP for catalog, and orders.
  • Built a new meal pre-order system using WebSphere platform.
  • Supplier Relationship Management System using WebSphere platform.
  • Google Web Toolkit for online shopping.

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